Playmate Crista Nicole and I must be boobie twins because I saw hers in Google images and thought they were mine. #NSFW



My dog Spike got into a really bad accident recently. He was tied to a car without the car owner’s knowledge. I guess my dog hid under the car for shade so the driver didn’t notice him. Basically he was dragged by the car until his leash broke off & he found his way back home. Nobody knew what happened until my aunt found him on our porch bleeding & scared. He needs surgery for his injuries which would amount to almost 2k. We can’t afford it so my uncle made this fundraiser for him. If you’d like to help please donate any amount, every penny counts!

Heres the link to his fundraiser:

Please REBLOG so we can get to our goal & we can get him the surgery he needs. Thank you so much!

Don’t ignore this post! At least read it before scrolling down!

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I’m selling autographed Playboy June issues on ebay!  

#NSFW #Playboy #MissJune2012 @AmeliaTalonFan

A sneak peak into the Playboy Plus video of the behind the scenes of my centerfold shoot! I was actually really hoping Hef would have chosen this photo instead, but I do love the one that was picked regardless, it’s definitely not typical and very hot hot hot. 

Next to my huge print of myself. Happy #humpday !

I’m Playboy’s Miss June 2012 Playmate, woo! My beautiful exclusive is officially up on, go check me out!

If you guys hadn’t found out by now in Playboy’s May issue(who features gorgeous Miss May, Nikki Leigh), I am Miss June 2012!


Her hair is beautious!

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Le Boobs from Ashlee Adams on Vimeo.

ashleeadams , Penthouse Pet of the Year 2011, bouncing her awesome boobies for reaching 30,000 fans on her Facebook page. I love her. <3

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Could I happen to get my sweet Tumblr followers votes? <3

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Happy Valentines day lovers and a happy topless bunny Tuesday! Photographer Dominic Petruzzi

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Getting closer to an epic full reveal. ;)

Photographer: Dominic Petruzzi

AW I’m selling ole gray monster. You have served me well my dear friend.